Meeting Demand for Data Center Construction with Touchplan

October 19, 2023

An aerial view of three long buildings that stretch horizontally across the image

The rise of AI, cloud computing, and work-from-home business is driving increased demand for data center construction. When it comes to constructing data centers, the build-outs for the necessary power, cooling, fire prevention, security, and other essential systems can be incredibly complex. As a result, these intricate projects often require careful planning, innovation, and collaboration with multiple general contractors and subcontractors. 

In order to meet a tight timeline for constructing a data center, we chose Touchplan, a cloud-based platform, as our primary planning software for this project.

“This was a fast-paced project with a very large team, and getting all the information to all the trade partners was critical. Because you can’t do this kind of project with old-fashioned trade stacking, everybody’s got to have their own space and allocations of time. But it’s also all about managing a very complicated workflow.  Touchplan is a great tool for that because everybody sees the flow and has ownership and buy-in for planning and execution. The ownership happened quickly after we got everybody used to the software and understanding what we were trying to do.”

—Chace Larson, Senior Superintendent

Learn more about how we’re using Touchplan in their case study.