Brasfield & Gorrie has participated in a large number of highly successful design-build projects. For the owner, the primary benefit of the design-build delivery system is the simplicity of having one party responsible for the development of the project. The design-build process can also alleviate many of the cost and schedule challenges often associated with the less streamlined design-bid-build process.

There are three basic design-build delivery methods: contractor-led, designer-led, and joint venture/alliance/teaming relationships. The majority of our design-build work has been contractor-led. On these projects, we select a design partner and then manage the design, cost, schedule, and construction.

With any of these methods, the keys to our success are communication and teamwork. We understand that flexibility and cooperation with the design team are vital, and the earlier the designer and contractor collaborate, the better every team member understands the project, its intent, and the client’s needs.

Throughout the design process, we play an essential role by reviewing and critiquing the design to ensure constructability while maximizing the value for each dollar spent. Our goal is to identify solutions that will best satisfy the project’s objectives in a functional, aesthetic, economical, and sustainable manner. At the same time, we provide accurate cost and schedule evaluations and establish a detailed construction plan. The result is an efficient and cost-effective design and the expeditious delivery of a successful project.