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A lab space with a wall of windows

MEP Expertise Leads to Lab Conversion Success

April 20, 2022

It has become common practice for developers to convert empty office spaces into lab facilities for science and technology companies. Special considerations are required for this type of construction, and Brasfield & Gorrie is uniquely qualified because of prior project experience…. Read more

Scam Alert: Fraudulent Checks

March 26, 2022

We have received reports of a scam involving fraudulent checks that appear to be issued from Brasfield & Gorrie but are not. Reports indicate that these counterfeit checks are often delivered by FedEx and include deposit instructions that ultimately result in the recipient losing money to scammers. If you receive a check that appears to be from Brasfield & Gorrie that you were not expecting to receive or are unsure about, please call Accounting at 205.714.1936 and do not deposit the check…. Read more