Construction Services

Our construction services personnel work to make our teams and processes the best they can be. In these roles, you might keep our teams safe by teaching them about the latest best practices and safety standards. There are also opportunities in design, quality control, planning and scheduling, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) roles waiting to be explored.

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With a range of services, including Last Planner® System coaching, our Lean Department helps us maximize value and minimize waste by evaluating our processes and our use of materials, resources, and personnel. Our Lean Department plays a key role in our continuous improvement, strengthening our safety, quality control, and productivity efforts, and also serves as an expert resource for our clients.

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP)

Building systems are critical and require specialized expertise. That’s where our MEP Systems Group comes in. They work with architects and engineers as well as our building teams to assess every aspect of the MEP systems to ensure they are designed, estimated, purchased, installed, started, and commissioned correctly.


Safety is our top priority so it’s also our top value, and at Brasfield & Gorrie, it’s everyone’s responsibility. Our team of safety experts is vital to helping us put this philosophy into action. Our safety team trains employees and works diligently with each project team to establish detailed methods of planning, promoting, and maintaining a safe environment on every project.

Scheduling and Planning

Our Scheduling Department uses the most advanced scheduling software and proven techniques to develop detailed schedules that clearly illustrate what it will take to complete projects on time and within budget.

Quality Control

Our QC teams are ultimately responsible for our client’s satisfaction. They’re on top of inspections, testing, compliance, and more, ensuring that our jobs not only check all the boxes but also that we exceed expectations of quality, safety, and service.

Virtual Design + Construction (VDC)

Our VDC team assists our project teams from preconstruction through completion. Building information modeling, laser scanning, virtual reality, and unmanned aircraft systems (drones) are just a few of the technologies our VDC team uses to aid project team efforts in an array of areas, including preconstruction, safety, constructability, scheduling, quality control, and prefabrication.