Whether you are building new generation capacity or implementing upgrades to an existing plant, we have the expertise to understand the specifications of the project and execute them with precision. We have managed projects with more than 650 skilled craft professionals and have the capacity and knowledge to handle the rigors and requirements of any energy project. This market is unique and the projects exacting, but with our experience and commitment to excellence, you can be assured of a safe and successful project every time.

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Alstom Balancing Facility and High Bays Renovation

Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Balance Facility project consisted of construction of a 50,000 sq ft facility to spin test and balance gas and steam turbine generators and rotors. The facility included a test chamber, balance machine house, and auxiliary building.... Read more

CPS Energy Rotary Plow and Coal Conveyor Installation and Rotary Dumper Building Steel Replacement

San Antonio, Texas

The Rotary Dumper Building Steel Replacement project consisted of the replacement of corroded steel in the below-grade area of the existing coal railroad car unloading facility. The building is located on the grounds of the CPS Energy... Read more

Kemper County IGCC Power Plant Concrete Foundation and Underground Package

DeKalb, Mississippi

Brasfield & Gorrie is currently constructing the concrete foundations and underground mechanical and electrical for a new greenfield integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plant in Kemper County, Mississippi. The concrete... Read more

Lake Martin Dam Arch Replacement

Lake Martin, Alabama

The project consisted of the replacement of twenty bays of concrete arches on the Lake Martin Dam, which included three arches per bay for a total of sixty arches. In addition to the complex arch concrete removal and replacement, the... Read more

Plant Miller Limestone Preparation and Gypsum Dewatering

Quinton, Alabama

Plant Miller is Alabama’s largest coal-fired power plant. This ten-month project established the plant’s ability to receive limestone and inject it into the existing scrubbers, then dewater and dispose of the gypsum waste by-product.... Read more

Plant Vogtle ISFSI Pad, Heavy Haul Road, Cask Transfer Facility, and High Bay Support Building

Waynesboro, Georgia

Brasfield & Gorrie’s work at Plant Vogtle includes construction of a 20,000 sq ft independent spent fuel storage installation (ISFSI) support building and a 90,000 sq ft combination two-story office and high bay maintenance facility.... Read more