From its inception, Brasfield & Gorrie practiced a lean approach to building. A small company striving to gain a foothold in the market, we couldn’t survive and grow any other way. Then Lean manufacturing philosophy found its way to the construction industry. Perfectly aligned with our core values, Lean is a respect- and relationship-oriented production management system focused on maximizing value and minimizing waste. We began our first official Lean project more than a decade ago. Since then, we’ve used the Last Planner® System on many projects, incorporated Lean tools and philosophy throughout the company, and established a Lean Department to guide our efforts and serve as an expert resource for our company and our clients.

We like where Lean is taking us together. As Brasfield & Gorrie’s basis for continuous improvement, Lean strengthens our safety, quality control, and productivity efforts—and will help us serve our clients well into the future.