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As the largest general contractor in the Southeast and one of the nation’s top mission critical builders, Brasfield & Gorrie is a partner you can trust to deliver your mission critical projects efficiently and effectively. Our expertise includes hyperscale, colocation/wholesale centers, enterprise data centers, edge data centers, and healthcare/institutional data centers—as well as specialized projects such as telecommunication switching stations and broadcasting facilities. We understand the measures necessary for data security and reliability—and we have the expertise and attention to detail to work successfully in live data center environments with zero hours of unplanned downtime and 100 percent business continuity. If you’re looking for a team that will protect your data and increase your speed to market—a trusted partner with a successful record for reliability, speed, scalability, connectivity, visibility, and security—contact us. We’d love to discuss your project’s requirements. View select Mission Critical projects

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Featured Projects

Atlanta Data Center (ATL-DC2)

Atlanta, Georgia

Total building: Two-story, 340,000 sq ft data center on 6.1 acres, including demolition and site work White space: 200,000 sq ft, including a 20,000 sq ft, 6 MW data center build-out with the deployment of busway power distribution, ladder... Read more

Confidential Data Center

Red Oak, Texas

Total building: 40,000 sq ft data center with 50,000 sq ft equipment yard on 57 acres White space: 20,700 sq ft Tier level: III Density: 290 W/sq ft Total critical IT load: 6 MW Redundancy: N+1 Read more

DC BLOX Greenville

Greenville, South Carolina

DC BLOX Greenville Data Center is a single-story, 26,583 sq ft, 2 MW, Tier III data center on 8 acres. The project also includes a 6,700 sq ft interior build-out of data hall shell space and a utility yard. Read more

Infinity Insurance Data Center

Birmingham, Alabama

This design-build data center is housed within an existing four-story office building with 540 kW ultimate critical load (270 kW Day 1) supported by in-row cooling units with cold aisle containment. Critical power distribution is supported... Read more

Project Gamecock

Charlotte, North Carolina

Project Gamecock is a single-story, 32,000 sq ft Tier III data center with 10,000 sq ft of white space. The project is designed to provide 1.2 MW total critical IT load power, 2N redundancy, and 120 W/sq ft density. In addition, the... Read more

UBS Nashville Business Solutions Center

Nashville, Tennessee

This conversion of existing UBS Tower office space into a call center for UBS Financial Services totaled 100,000 sq ft and included over six floors of renovations and infrastructure improvements. The Tier II call center includes 1,200 sq... Read more


In just 22 weeks, Brasfield & Gorrie completed this 12,690 sq ft greenfield data center capable of delivering up to 20 MW of power. This time-lapse progression shows construction of the project from March to August 2018.