Developing a Strategy

Most general contractors plan and schedule their projects in the same way, developing schedules at each level of design and accounting for all major activities during the project’s life cycle. Brasfield & Gorrie goes beyond these methods. We maintain an in-house scheduling department, with many of our scheduling experts certified through AACE International as Planning and Scheduling Professionals (PSP). In addition to working with our project teams to develop project schedules, these professionals increase our company-wide accuracy and efficiency by developing tools and methods that strengthen our planning, scheduling, updating, and reporting processes.

The level of expertise of our scheduling professionals helps ensure our accuracy, and the project team’s input in the scheduling process ensures that when construction begins, they can work more efficiently because they’re familiar with every aspect of the project.

Communicating Visually to Simplify Scheduling

We work hard to create a worry-free process for our clients, and that includes using innovative approaches to help our project teams work efficiently. We continuously refine our processes to provide a seamless construction experience.

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