Low-Cost And High-Quality Prefabrication at Omni Louisville

July 9, 2020

When Brasfield & Gorrie was hired to build the newest cultural icon in downtown Louisville, we knew from experience that using off-site prefabrication would help maximize the project’s value while minimizing its cost; it was simply a matter of determining where prefabrication would best benefit this project. We identified the bathrooms as an area where prefabrication would save valuable time and money while satisfying the owner’s requirement for an all-around luxury experience. We worked closely with Oldcastle SurePods to produce and install the high-end bathroom pods.

Brasfield & Gorrie uses prefabrication to provide our owners with low-cost, high-quality options that fit into their vision. We determine which components of your project are the most cost-effective to prefabricate, then execute the assembly, delivery, and installation of those components in a way that maximizes the cost and schedule benefits. Whether for patient headwalls at a remote hospital or luxury bathrooms at a $270 million hotel, Brasfield & Gorrie has the prefabrication expertise to deliver the best result to meet your needs.

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