South Texas Border Intelligence Center

Laredo, Texas

U.S. General Services Administration

Project Size:
7,000 sq ft

The new South Texas Border Intelligence Center is a 7,000 sq ft administrative facility constructed within the secure perimeter of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Laredo Sector Headquarters. The two-story building includes a façade of galvanized metal panels, precast concrete, and glass. Interior spaces include two mission support suites, conference rooms, offices, secure storage, and a small data center. Over 5,000 sq ft of the facility includes raised access flooring for the extensive telecommunications network. The facility also includes robust and redundant mechanical and electrical systems to support round-the-clock functioning of the building regardless of the surrounding environmental conditions.

Due to the congested layout of the campus, it was necessary to install 34-foot-tall precast concrete wall panels around the work area. The erection and stabilization process was completed in only 11 days, limiting disruption to CBP operations.