Encompass Health Corporation Data Center

Birmingham, Alabama

Encompass Health Corporation

Project Size:
200,000 sq ft

Encompass Health Data Center is a 2,300 sq ft white space data center within a 200,000 sq ft greenfield building. It has an 11 kW per server rack density and a total critical IT load of 330 kW for day one and 500 kW for day two. It has a 2N electrical UPS backup and N+1 mechanical redundancy. The data center supports a new headquarters that provides workspace for the 541 current home office employees.

Total building: 200,000 sq ft
White space: 2,300 sq ft
Density: 11 kW per server rack
Total critical IT load: Day one, 330 kW; Day two, 500kW
Redundancy: 2N electrical UPS backup; N+1 mechanical