Colquitt Emergency Department

Moultrie, Georgia

Colquitt Regional Medical Center

Project Size:
72,655 sq ft

The 72,655 sq ft Surgery, Emergency Department (ED), and ICU Expansion project for Colquitt Regional Medical Center more than doubled the size of the ED and added a new surgery space. The expanded ED includes 22 exam rooms: 13 typical, 4 fast-track, 2 GYN, 2 secure, and 1 isolation. The space also features rooms for trauma and a bariatric/major exam room and 3 nurse stations. The surgery department’s entirely new 31,000 sq ft space includes central sterile, operating rooms, pre-op/PACU, and outpatient services. Of the 6 new ORs that were constructed, two are larger (major) ORs and four are general ORs. The pre-op/PACU space includes 11 bays and 1 isolation room. The outpatient services area houses 20 prep/recovery patient rooms to support same-day surgery services. The new 10-bed ICU department includes 2 isolation rooms, each with its own bathroom.