Corporate Services

Join Brasfield & Gorrie Corporate Services and you’ll find a range of job opportunities, from accounting, financial services, and employee relations to information technology, risk management, and legal aid. Brasfield & Gorrie’s Training department provides a continuous learning environment to help us maintain our ranks with knowledgeable, well-rounded workers.

Our current combined staff includes more than 2,500 highly qualified and skilled professionals. Since the company’s inception, Brasfield & Gorrie has emphasized the importance of family and made every effort to meet employees’ needs. In turn, Brasfield & Gorrie employees have made that same commitment to the company and to each other. This mutual commitment has evolved to include new generations of valued employees—dedicated individuals with energy and integrity who are continually looking for new ways to increase efficiency and enhance production.

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Information Technology

Our IT team is responsible for supporting the equipment and information requirements of all of our offices and jobsites. These professionals contribute to the IT hotline, maintain an inventory of all IT equipment, and provide prompt and effective solutions for individual and global IT issues.



Accountants at Brasfield & Gorrie handle a host of financial transactions related to our projects, including making sure our subcontractors get paid and we receive payment from our clients. Our accountants are proficient in construction software, and they are responsible for the financial start up and close out of all projects.


Essential duties for our marketing professionals include producing proposals, qualifications, awards submittals, and presentation materials, as well as supporting our business development efforts and enforcing corporate branding standards.


Our administrative assistants assist in nearly every aspect of the firm’s day-to-day operations. They support our project managers by creating contracts, proofreading documents, and serving as liaisons between Brasfield & Gorrie and our subcontractors and suppliers. They possess strong technology and software skills and carry out general administrative duties daily.


Human Resources

Responsible for recruiting and hiring the best talent, our HR team works consistently to keep each of our offices staffed with knowledgeable, skilled, and motivated employees. HR administers competitive benefits packages, tracks employee compensation, responds to employee inquiries, and implements policies and procedures to help keep Brasfield & Gorrie running smoothly.