Corporate Services

Brasfield & Gorrie Corporate Services offers a range of rewarding positions and opportunities for growth. Our Career Development Department provides a continuous learning environment to help us maintain our ranks with knowledgeable, well-rounded workers.

Our staff of highly qualified and skilled professionals is essential to the company’s success, and we believe in taking care of our people as our most valued asset. Since the company’s inception, Brasfield & Gorrie has emphasized the importance of family and made every effort to meet employees’ needs. In turn, Brasfield & Gorrie employees have made that same commitment to the company and to each other. This mutual commitment has evolved to include new generations of valued employees—dedicated individuals with energy and integrity who are continually looking for new ways to increase efficiency and enhance production.

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Our accountants perform a myriad of essential business-related functions for our company, from assembling annual budgets and providing monthly financial statements to handling financial transactions related to our projects.


Our administrative assistants are instrumental in nearly every aspect of the firm’s day-to-day operations.


Human Resources

Our HR team keeps each of our offices staffed with knowledgeable, skilled, and motivated employees, administers competitive benefits packages, tracks employee compensation, and implements policies and procedures to help keep Brasfield & Gorrie running smoothly.


Information Technology

Our IT team is responsible for supporting the equipment and information requirements of all of our offices and jobsites.


Our Legal team provides essential expertise and guidance to help employees and the company make sound business and legal decisions.


Our marketing professionals develop accurate, high-quality communications that benefit the company by gaining business, increasing public awareness about the company, and keeping its employees informed about issues that are important to them and the company as a whole.