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In-house experts

Our people have expertise in many trades that we can perform instead of or alongside contracted labor. When we do, it gives us greater control over time and money spent.

Success with

How did we slip-form concrete for a 400-foot-tall tower in 56 days?

Benefits of


When we staff from our dependable force of builders, we eliminate the time it takes to vet, select, and onboard trade contractors and we ensure you have a team that’s all hands on deck from day one. It also means we're not dependent on third-party contractors having the people and processes to deliver on time. Even when we’re not selected to self-perform, we have the expertise to pick up the slack and get the project back on track if a trade contractor falls behind.


We know firsthand what it takes to do the job, and that experience helps us build a more precise budget during preconstruction. The depth of our know-how in specific trades also means you get a partner that can recommend best value suggestions others can’t.


Our workforce has performed these scopes time after time with the backing of a company dedicated to personal and professional growth. They aim to exceed expectations, and we give them the skills to help them deliver. And even when we don’t perform the work ourselves, working hand in hand with our trade contractors fosters a culture of continuous improvement that you only stand to benefit from.


Our people share our company’s unwavering commitment to safety. Whether we’re performing the work ourselves or being another set of eyes to an outside trade contractor, we’re well-equipped to watch for and correct risky behaviors.

A self-perform construction site worker wearing a helmet and reflective vest oversees other workers amidst building materials during early morning.

why us

Your trusted parnter

We truly understand the stakes involved in bringing a building to life. Others may offer self-perform services as part of a package—often without directly providing the workforce or equipment—but we’re hands-on builders who provide the resources and experience to back our work. That’s important not only for timelines and budgets but also because we add quality and accountability.

A construction site with cranes and partially completed buildings, showcasing expert project management, against a backdrop of the city skyline on a clear day.

12th & Juniper

Accelerating a new addition to Atlanta’s skyline

Our self-perform manpower paid off on this multifamily project with two towers—one 37 stories tall and the other 34 stories tall—on a 1.5-acre tight site in Midtown Atlanta. With a projected total of roughly 54,000 cubic yards of concrete, the development represents one of the larger concrete packages we’ve done to date.

Image by Sky DB Productions

Standout stats

219,870+ self-perform man hours to date

38,200+ cubic yards of concrete to date

Six mass concrete mat foundations

Six-day pour cycle for the more than 1 million square feet of elevated decks

Town Center, Apopka, Florida

Laying the groundwork for a multi-use client

From concrete to stormwater to mass grading, we self-performed sitework and utilities on 34 acres to pave the way for multifamily units, hotels, and medical office buildings. Self-performing these scopes using GPS-driven grade control gave us greater control over the project’s quality and timeline, ensuring a smooth delivery from beginning to end.

Standout stats

25,972 man hours

100 percent self-performed

Rendering of a modern high-rise residential building with ground-floor retail space, set in an urban environment.

1441 Peachtree

Setting the stage for a smooth delivery

Controlling the formwork and concrete structure on this unique stair-stepped building set us up for success on this 28-story apartment tower. As the general contractor, we have a top-down view of the project and an inherent motivation to get our scope of work done early and right.

Standout stats

134,800+ self-perform man hours

173 miles of post-tension cables

2,120 tons of rebar

27,000 cubic yards of concrete