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Town Center, Apopka Florida

This 34-acre site and infrastructure development is paving the way for multifamily units, hotels, and medical office buildings in Apopka, Florida. This project is 100% self-performed and included everything from concrete to stormwater to mass grading sitework and utilities. Self-performing these scopes gave us greater control over the project’s quality and timeline, ensuring a smooth delivery from beginning to end.

Tech-driven self-perform success

Our site team partnered with our Virtual Design + Construction department to implement GPS-driven grade control. It increased the team’s accuracy by showing how much dirt was moved—and where—and improved our efficiency by eliminating the need to take and track measurements manually. Each morning, the team could see the quantities from the day before, empowering them with the knowledge of exactly how much dirt to haul to the next location.

Off site, we coordinated the City of Apopka, Orange County, FDOT, and other local entities to install a large force main that intersected two major highways. Thanks to careful planning, close communication, and the expertise of our field team, we prevented environmental harm and disruptions to local transportation while tying it into the city’s existing infrastructure.


Corporate Realty

Project Stats

25,972 man hours
100% self-performed