Careers in Field Operations

Our field operations employees are the ones who make it happen: swinging a hammer, tying rebar, laying concrete, and providing the management necessary for successful projects. Our field operations team leads the performance of craft employees—scheduling, coordinating, and supervising field workers and collaborating with other departments to make sure the project stays on schedule and on budget.

Field Training

In 1997, we created our Field Training Center to offer free training to employees who are motivated to advance. We offer courses in a variety of subjects including carpentry apprenticeship, field engineering, and foreman training.

In 2020, we launched SKILLED, a new all-encompassing program that represents our craft education efforts offered at our Field Training Center in Trussville, Alabama, and in various other events and initiatives. SKILLED is designed to strengthen our safety culture and better equip our field teams with the training they need to do their jobs safely and effectively and advance in their careers. The program provides our field employees with opportunities to expand their knowledge and improve their skills through in-person events and online content.

Brasfield & Gorrie is accredited in a variety of subjects by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). NCCER assists construction companies nationwide with training and development programs to help strengthen employees’ trades. For more information about NCCER’s mission, visit www.nccer.org.

Build Your Future

At Brasfield & Gorrie, no two career paths are the same. Check out the example career paths below and view current field operations job openings to begin creating your own unique path.

Determine Your Path


Our carpenters typically build and erect formwork during structural operations and may do anything from installing blocking to hanging doors and hardware during finish operations.


Brasfield & Gorrie superintendents guide all on-site activities during construction. Their duties include staffing, planning, and coordinating all Brasfield & Gorrie and trade partner work. Superintendents work hand-in-hand with the overall project team.

Equipment Operator

Large and small equipment operators move materials throughout the duration of the project. Excavators, backhoes, dozers, skid steers, and graders are just a few of the types of equipment we use on our jobsites.


Brasfield & Gorrie foremen are exceptional craftspeople in their trades. Each foreman works with his or her specific trade in a leadership role, providing guidance and assistance throughout the project.

Concrete Finisher

Concrete work is vital to our business as a self-perform contractor. Our concrete finishers place and finish large slabs, foundations, and vertical work and point and patch finished work.


Commercial pipefitters lay out, assemble, and install pipe systems. These tradespeople are particularly important on our utility and industrial projects.

Field Engineering

Field engineers survey, measure, and lay out locations for structures prior to and during construction. Field engineers generally have a survey assistant (rodman) and may lead a crew of instrument assistants and survey assistants.