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Highway 150 Bridge Replacement Over Shades Creek and CSX

Brasfield & Gorrie was selected for a bridge replacement and widening of SR-150 (Highway 150/John Hawkins Pkwy). The project widened nearly one mile of existing roadway, from two lanes to five lanes and replaced the two existing bridges with one bridge.

Spanning across two CSX rail lines and Shades Creek, the new bridge is 1,000 feet long with 10 spans. The substructure consists of 5’ 6”-diameter drilled shafts, 5’-diameter columns and 5’6” by 7’ rectangular caps. The superstructure consists of Bulb Tee 54 (BT-54) prestressed concrete girders on nine of the spans and BT-72 prestressed concrete girders for one longer span. The bridge is approximately 90 feet wide and consists of two twelve-foot lanes, a ten-foot shoulder in each direction and a 14-foot median lane.

Constructed in phases to minimize the impact to the local businesses and community, traffic was first shifted to the south side of the project while the north side was widened. Once the widening and bridge construction was completed, the traffic was shifted back to the north, but still in two lanes while the widening on the south side was completed. Once traffic was shifted to the new bridge and all lanes, the two original existing bridges were removed.

During all aspects of construction, all railroad operations were required to continue as normal and Shades Creek could not be impacted. Brasfield & Gorrie self-performed all traffic control, H-pile driving, bridge concrete, pre-stressed concrete girder erection, and bridge demolition. This project received an ABC Alabama Excellence in Construction award.


Alabama Department of Transportation


ABC Alabama Excellence in Construction Award

AGC BuildSouth Award

"The bridge spanned Shades Creek, an environmentally sensitive creek, and two CSX rail lines. Brasfield & Gorrie took care not to interrupt the rail operations or impact the creek in any manner."

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