4 Builders Share Why They Love Their Careers in Construction

October 31, 2022

Interested in construction? Opportunities abound! The industry celebrates that fact each October during Careers in Construction Month. Throughout this month we’ve introduced Brasfield & Gorrie’s social media followers to four of our teammates who work in different roles. They’ve shared what drew them to construction and how their careers have grown—including free, on-the-job training provided through our field training center, which just marked its 25th anniversary.

Meet more Brasfield & Gorrie employees in our ongoing Behind the Builder series, and follow along on social media using the hashtag #BGBehindtheBuilder. Ready to apply? Visit bghiring.com.

A male construction worker wearing a blue shirt and safety green vest with a brown hard hat

“I’m passionate about learning new things and seeing how a job transforms over time.”

Lorenzo, laborer

A male construction worker wearing a safety green vest and white hard hat

“I have found great fulfillment and a good life working in the construction field. I do not consider my life to be an exceptional story above any others. I just consider it to be one blessed by God.”

Ron, robotic field engineer

A female construction worker wearing a brown shirt and safety green vest with a white hard hat

“I’m early in my career and am still gaining experience, so it can feel pretty challenging knowing there is so much to learn. I remind myself that ‘you don’t know what you don’t know.’ It’s OK to lean on others for any questions, doubts, or guidance. Everyone has to start somewhere.”

Sophia, assistant project manager

A male construction worker wearing a blue shirt and safety green vest with brown hard hat

“The opportunities that Brasfield & Gorrie gives us are unreal. Our field training program covers so many classes and provides a huge resource for us in the field.”

Stanton, senior superintendent