Innovative Technology Improves Project Coordination

January 5, 2023

At Brasfield & Gorrie, we constantly look for opportunities to improve our processes.

That mindset is clear on a manufacturing plant that’s currently under construction. One of the most challenging aspects of this project is the coordination of owner equipment as the structure is built around it.

To enhance coordination and logistics, the project team is using three key software tools:

  • Touchplan: This software acts as a virtual sticky note board, allowing our field teams to plan and coordinate work both in the near and far term.
  • SYNCHRO: This 4D scheduling software allows the team to show parts of the model that are already installed or are being installed. SYNCHRO can also export information to allow project stakeholders to easily follow along and understand the project’s status.
  • OpenSpace: This allows the team to easily compare progress with the model for quality control. OpenSpace uses a 360-degree camera and artificial intelligence to create an experience like Google Street View for the project.

Learn more and see the software at work in the video above.