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Laredo 1 & 2 Ports of Entry Expansion and Modernization

This project consisted of construction services for two major land ports of entry (LPOE) in Laredo, Texas. The project included expansion and modernization of the Juarez-Lincoln Port of Entry, which is located at the southern terminus of Interstate 35, and the historic Convent Avenue Port of Entry, which is connected to the Gateway to the Americas International Bridge. The project expanded and modernized these LPOEs, the second- and seventh-busiest in the country. To maintain access for the 15 million people who pass through the ports annually, the project employed a phased construction schedule that allowed both facilities to remain fully operational around the clock.

The Convent Avenue Port of Entry is a historic landmark building within the San Agustin de Laredo Historic District. This LPOE is directly adjacent to the San August Plaza, which neighbors several other historic buildings, including the internationally renowned La Posada Hotel and the San Agustin Cathedral.


U.S. General Services Administration

Project Stats

69,000 sq ft


GSA Design Award - Citation in Construction

ENR Texas & Louisiana Best Project Award

National ABC Excellence in Construction Eagle Award

National ABC Excellence in Construction Greener Tomorrow Award

ABC Alabama Excellence in Construction Award

Convent LPOE - LEED Gold certified

Juarez-Lincoln LPOE - LEED Platinum certified

“The work performed by Brasfield & Gorrie exceeds expectations in every conceivable measure. The on-site management team (site superintendents, construction manager, etc.) brings enormous experience to the project while the home office team provide the necessary support for the on-site group. Very few, if any, general contractors adopt this degree of commitment in their work and I am of the opinion the current status and, potentially, ultimate success of this project will be largely due to their efforts.”

GSA Contracting Officer, Laredo 1 & 2 Ports of Entry

Laredo, Texas