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Tuscaloosa, AL

Jerry Plott Water Treatment Plant

Lake Tuscaloosa is a valuable natural resource, and thanks to the Jerry Plott Water Treatment Plant, 12 million gallons of raw water are processed every day for the surrounding community. Brasfield & Gorrie installed numerous state-of-the-art features, including the environmentally friendly Pall Microza microfiltration membrane system. The plant also includes storage tanks that hold 9 million gallons of water for immediate supply on demand and a 1,500 kilovolt ampere generator to prevent service interruptions during power failures.


City of Tuscaloosa

Project Stats

12 MGD-- installing two new 24-inch ductile iron raw water lines uphill for a 125-foot change in elevation. Also installed were 7,242 linear feet of DIP, 320 linear feet of fabricated stainless steel pipe, 1,376 linear feet of RCP storm pipe, 492 linear feet of PVC yard pipe, 24,888 linear feet of small diameter piping, and 172,771 pounds of flanged DIP.