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Combined Land Port of Entry and Border Security Projects

The Donna Land Port of Entry includes is a new bridge entering the United States and includes pedestrian processing, vehicle processing and port operations including security, kennel, and outbound inspection buildings. The design-build project is part of the Design and Construction Excellence programs and is one of the first port-of-the-future projects delivered on the southern border.


U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Headquarters

Project Stats

28,620 sq ft


GSA Design Excellence Award

GSA Perfect Customer Experience Award

ABC National Excellence in Construction Award

LEED® Gold

"Brasfield & Gorrie demonstrated leadership from all aspects of the firm. Whether negotiating the contract, building in the field or completing administrative tasks, everyone involved in the project made an effort to be accurate, fair, transparent and professional. The project is a success overall from every perspective providing Border Patrol with the tools necessary to accomplish their mission.”

GSA Project Manager, Land Port of Entry and Border Security Projects