An American Dream Story

A 50-year legacy built on people and values

As #BGTurns50, we are celebrating a milestone in a true American Dream story. The story of Brasfield & Gorrie is one of a young man who began with a small company and, through hard work, strong values and a commitment to hiring the best people, built it into the Southeast’s largest general contractor.

During those 50 years, Brasfield & Gorrie has grown from only a handful of employees and annual revenues of $800,000 at the end of 1964 to a $2.3 billion construction leader with more than 2,600 employees.

While our legacy is apparent in the skylines of Southeastern cities filled with projects built by Brasfield & Gorrie, our greatest achievement exists within our offices. The culture Miller Gorrie created and developed with fellow founders Jim Anthony, John Darnall, James Harbison and Imogene Powell has allowed Brasfield & Gorrie to overcome setbacks that might have crippled lesser companies—and to emerge as one of the nation’s largest privately held construction firms.

Described as a family atmosphere, the company culture prioritizes close-knit relationships and strong core ethical values.

As evidence of this culture, many Brasfield & Gorrie employees have spent their entire careers with the company. They have witnessed its tremendous growth, which they credit to Miller Gorrie’s strong leadership and uncompromising integrity.“Company culture and values—I think those are the reasons we are still here,” said Administrative Assistant Connie Boone, who has been with Brasfield & Gorrie for nearly 35 years.

In some cases, the Brasfield & Gorrie family doesn’t just feel like family, it is family, with second- and third-generation employees in both the offices and the field.

“Working at this company has truly been a family affair,” said Senior Superintendent Mike Harvey, a 32-year company veteran. “Every member of my immediate family, including my wife, my three children, and my son-in-law, has worked for Brasfield & Gorrie at some point, and three family members are current employees.”

The care and respect Brasfield & Gorrie shows its employees extend to the company’s clients as well.

“Brasfield & Gorrie’s reputation as a fair and honest company and a competitive, self-performing general contractor is one of my favorite things about it,” said Senior Superintendent Jerry McCulley, who has spent 44 years with Brasfield & Gorrie. “I appreciate the opportunities given to all levels of employees to succeed in their chosen fields and the priority the company places on safety and the care of our people.”

Brasfield & Gorrie has a solid foundation for the next half century thanks to Miller Gorrie’s integrity, commitment to excellence, and passion for hiring the best people and treating them well. Those values are carried on by Miller’s son, Jim, who assumed the role of President and CEO in 2011. Our history is filled with landmark projects and our future includes iconic jobs like the new Atlanta Braves Stadium, but ultimately, our culture and our people will continue to define Brasfield & Gorrie’s success in the next chapter of this American Dream story.

Join in the celebration and share your memories by using the hashtag #BGTurns50.