Full-Service Construction Company Launches in Birmingham

February 6, 2023

Two construction workers from a full-service construction company based in Birmingham, wearing high visibility vests and hard hats, engaged in a discussion at a worksite.

Full-service general construction company Pylon Building Group is creating construction jobs for people in the Birmingham area. Led by President Reggie Torbor, the company recognizes that talent is distributed evenly, but opportunities are not—and Pylon aims to do something about that.

“I’m excited about building a team that can go out and do really, really good work,” Torbor said. “All my life I’ve been on high-functioning teams, and I’m honored to be able to lead one like this. My hope is that our investment in our people will impact their families for generations.”

Pylon launched in January as a wholly owned subsidiary of Brasfield & Gorrie, where Torbor worked as a personal development manager for five years. He previously spent eight years in the NFL. In his new role, Torbor puts an emphasis on bringing together a diverse group of people with unique backgrounds and experiences. He is committed to bringing opportunities and tools for success to the communities where he and his teammates live and work.

Learn more in a press release from Pylon Building Group.