Windy Ridge Parkway Bridge over I-75/I-285

Atlanta, Georgia

Cobb County Purchasing Department


ABC Alabama Excellence in Construction Award

This project consisted of widening the existing four-lane Windy Ridge Parkway Bridge to provide pedestrian access across I-75 and I-285 to Truist Park. The bridge was constructed in 1997 and is designed for 20-ton HS truck loads and/or military loading. Crossing 14 lanes of high-density interstate traffic, the 550-foot-long bridge was widened by 42 feet, which required heavy planning and temporary works. The scope of work included structural components, such as a new bridge deck, a retaining wall, and foundations, in addition to decorative hardscapes, landscapes, and lighting elements. The project widened the bridge to the north side to provide enhanced pedestrian accommodations, plaza, and greenway space. The typical section remains a four-lane divided roadway section, but with two 11-foot lanes with curb and gutter in each direction.