The General Services Administration/Social Security Administration Office Building

Montgomery, Alabama

MHT Development

Project Size:
50,000 sq ft


LEED® Silver certified

The General Services Administration (GSA) / Social Security Administration (SSA) Office Building in Montgomery, Alabama, is a two-story, 50,000 sq ft office building that houses the SSA on the first floor and the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) on the second floor. The first floor has 34 individual interview areas for citizens to meet with SSA representatives. Cases not settled with SSA representatives on the first floor can be appealed in one of the seven ODAR hearing rooms on the second floor. Also located on the second floor are the judges’ offices and support staff areas.

The sustainable site, selected by the developer, is located close to alternative means of transportation and other facilities. Bike racks were installed, as well as changing rooms for cyclers, and parking places for Hybrid vehicles. A white thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) membrane roof was used to reduce the heat island effect. The team decided to use energy-efficient HVAC units that would optimize the building’s energy performance, and also used enhanced commissioning procedures and enhanced refrigerant management. These features are not only environmentally friendly, but will save in energy costs.