Plant Vogtle

Waynesboro, Georgia

Southern Nuclear Operating Company

Project Size:
A 20,000 sq ft ISFSI support building, a 90,000 sq ft combination two-story office and high bay maintenance facility

Brasfield & Gorrie has had active projects at Plant Vogtle since 2011. This eight-year history has included construction of administration, support, high-bay maintenance, and material storage buildings, as well as multiple spent fuel storage facilities.

We have also constructed a reinforced concrete heavy haul road at Plant Vogtle. This 24-foot-wide, 24-inch-thick road with an 8-inch subbase includes an independent spent fuel storage installation pad designed to hold 20 spent fuel canisters. The haul road extends from the existing cask load facility to the new cask storage area. The road is used by a crawler, a vehicle specially designed to transport storage canisters and their protective overpack. The haul road has the capacity to withstand loads of more than 300 tons, which is the combined weight of the crawler, canister, and protective overpack. The project included excavation, storm drainage and culverts, sanitary sewer relocation, sediment and erosion control, cask transfer facility, and roadway lighting.