Plant Miller Outside Rail Loop Grading and Paving

Quinton, Alabama

Alabama Power Company

Project Size:
9,000 cu yd of cut and about 14,000 cu yd of fill

This project consisted of site work, fencing, electrical work, and paving for an area engineered to sustain heavy truck traffic from limestone and gypsum trucks. The project included approximately 11,000 cubic yards of cut and 14,000 cubic yards of fill. The paving portion of the project included approximately 27,500 square yards of heavy-duty asphalt paving, 2,100 square yards of asphalt resurfacing, 1,500 square yards of concrete paving, and 1,000 square yards of aggregate paving. The project also included almost 1,000 linear feet of fencing and gates and approximately 2,500 linear feet of guardrail.