sulfide removal

Lithia Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Facility

Lithia, Florida

Veolia Water North America South, L.L.C.


ABC Excellence in Construction Award

This project replaced the existing hydrogen sulfide removal equipment with an ozonation system.

The new Lithia Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Facility is one of the first in Florida to use ozonated water to remove hydrogen sulfide gas from the regional well water supply. Hydrogen sulfide gas is commonly found in well water, which is the primary water source for the county’s Lithia water plant.

The new facility was constructed using state-of-the-art ozone generation equipment. The new plant converts liquid oxygen into ozone gas, which is injected into the well water, creating a natural reaction that converts hydrogen sulfide gas into sulfates dissolved in purified water. This process increases the county’s treatment efficiency, reduces the amount of chemicals used to treat the water, and results in dramatically less odor during the treatment process and at the point of use for the surrounding communities.

The new ozonated water method produces 25 million gallons of treated water per day. The project included construction of an ozone generation building with supporting liquid oxygen farm, emergency backup generators, a sidestream pumping station, an ozone dissipation chamber, and a maintenance building.