Husky Parkway Bridge

Trussville, Alabama

City of Trussville

This three-span concrete bridge with precast concrete girders has three traffic lanes with an additional 10-foot-wide pedestrian walkway. Because the bridge was installed at the end of an existing roadway, the existing water, gas, communication, and sewer utilities had to be relocated. A water main, a high-pressure gas line, and a communication conduit were installed on rolling hangers underneath the bridge deck. An existing sewer main was located directly underneath one of the abutments, so this section of the main was abandoned and relocated. The project also included asphalt paving of the roadway approaches on either end of the bridge, as well as fine grading and soil stabilization during completion of the project. The bridge was constructed over the environmentally sensitive Cahaba River, requiring careful planning, coordination, and execution to avoid disturbing the river.