Harpeth Valley Water Treatment Plant (Phase 1A)

Nashville, Tennessee

Harpeth Valley Utilities District

The Harpeth Valley Utilities District has been serving the water and wastewater needs of customers in Davidson, Williamson, and Cheatham counties since 1962. Despite a series of expansions that increased the water capacity, additional expansion was necessary. This expansion, Phase 1A, was the first of a four-phase approach to expanding the plant’s treatment capacity.

Phase 1A increased the plant production capacity from 48 MGD to 62 MGD. Work included a 12 MGD microfiltration pressurized membrane facility along with pretreatment consisting of one 95 ft diameter pre-oxidation basin (clarifier), an Actiflo-CARB pretreatment system, and two disk filters. Work also included a 29,000 sq ft pre-engineered metal building housing the membrane racks, membrane feed pump equipment, electrical switchgear, chemical cleaning, administration office, control room, laboratory, and storage space. Also included were site grading and drainage, electrical system modifications and upgrades, SCADA system modifications and upgrades, site piping up to 54 in. diameter, metering and chemical storage/feed facilities, a new vertical turbine pump at the existing raw water intake facility, and demolition of selected existing facilities. The contract also included constructing a new alternate disinfection feed system to replace the plant’s long existing chlorine gas facility.