Drummond Coal Mine Bathhouse

Oakman, Alabama

Drummond Coal

Project Size:
40,000 sq ft

This 40,000 sq ft bathhouse and office space is located 15 feet from a new 1,500-foot-deep portal used to access the coal mines of Walker County. The building serves as a shower facility and staging area for all underground mining employees and houses the main control room for all underground mine monitoring systems. The north half of the building consists of 18,392 sq ft of finished office space, including a structural steel mezzanine level erected by Brasfield & Gorrie. The project was a partial design-build, with Brasfield & Gorrie’s subcontractors designing the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC components of the bathhouse.

The project involved extensive plumbing due to the large-scale shower facilities required throughout the bathhouse. The building includes five locker rooms that are each equipped with multiple showers. The showers are fed by two 980-gallon boilers, which provide enough capacity to supply hot water to the facility continuously, even at maximum demand. The building also includes boot wash and staging areas that allow staff to wash down prior to entering the facility.