Camperdown Development

Greenville, South Carolina

Daniel Corporation and Centennial American Properties

The Camperdown Development sits in the heart of downtown Greenville and includes Falls Tower Camperdown, an office and condo building, Deca Camperdown, Camperdown Retail, Camperdown Plaza and Streetscapes, and the Camperdown Parking Decks.

The Falls Tower Camperdown office includes seven floors of office space totaling 196,092 sq ft. Falls Tower also includes 33,231 sq ft of retail and restaurant space and one floor of conference space.

The Falls Tower Camperdown condos consist of a five-story, 73,400 sq ft condominium development built over top of the office portion mentioned above. The 18 high-end condo units have private garage units at ground level, and the building’s residents have access to an amenity terrace on the ninth floor.

Deca Camperdown is an 11-story, 305,121 sq ft high-rise residential building with three levels of parking below. The multifamily complex is comprised of one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartment homes. The 217 homes average 1,007 sq ft and boast luxury interior finishes, such as quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, and designer light fixtures.

The Camperdown Retail project consists of the 27,626 sq ft retail portion of Deca. The shell retail space sits atop the podium and is located on the same level as the plaza. The retail space is also accessed from the plaza.

The Camperdown Plaza and Streetscapes project consists of a 130,000 sq ft elevated plaza with unique sunshades, landscapes, hardscapes, and full streetscapes for the entire Camperdown development. The project also includes the resurfacing of Main Street, Broad Street, and Falls Street surrounding the site.

The Camperdown Parking Garage is a three-level, 629-space precast parking deck including extensive site demolition.