Cahaba River and Trussville WWTPs and Al Seier Pump Station Modifications and Improvements Phase Two

Birmingham, Alabama

Jefferson County Environmental Services

This project included modifications and additions to the existing Cahaba River and Trussville Wastewater Treatment Plants and the Al Seier Pump Station. The project improved phosphorus removal capability, management and treatment of wet weather flows, and operation of certain unit processes. All facilities were active in treating and pumping wastewater and remained in service during construction.

The plants’ scopes of work included construction of two new automatic backwash filters and modifications and improvements to the influent screening structure and pumping station, headworks, chemical injection processes and chemical storage and feed systems, digesters and thickeners, phosphorous sampling and analysis, sludge dewatering system, wet-weather management system, Parshall flume, splitter flume, BNR basins, clarifiers, water pump station, blower building and air distribution system, RAS/WAS pump station, deep bed filter building, UV system, chemical feed and monitoring systems, aerobic digesters, sludge transfer pump station, site and demolition work, generator system and fuel storage, instrumentation and controls, and electrical system, and addition of a 54-inch biological nutrient reactor effluent line.

The Al Seier Pump Station scope of work included modifications and improvements to the wastewater pumps, new sump pumping system, new seal water pumping system, valves, generator fuel storage, electrical improvements, HVAC, replacement of existing potable water line, and instrumentation and controls.