Atlanta Testing Lab - Emory Genetics Lab

Atlanta Testing Laboratory – Emory Genetics Laboratory

Tucker, Georgia

Gateway Development Services

Project Size:
62,000 sq ft

The Atlanta Testing Laboratory is a new 62,000 sq ft genetic testing laboratory that is occupied and operated by the Emory Genetics Laboratory. Located on approximately 7 acres, the facility includes approximately 30,000 sq ft of laboratory space for bio-chemistry, molecular radiation, molecular sequencing, molecular pre/post PCR, molecular isolation, cyto tissue culture, and cyto array research. The lab spaces house miscellaneous lab equipment, including bio-safety cabinets, fume hoods, perchloric acid hoods, snorkels, glass washers, sterilizers/autoclaves, and environmental control rooms. The lab spaces have rooftop HVAC units, DOAS units, supply/exhaust valves, lab gases, liquid nitrogen, ultra-high purity nitrogen gas, and emergency power. Also included are shell accommodations for a future food lab. The interior includes approximately 32,000 sq ft of loading docks, sample receiving areas, offices, assembly rooms, meeting rooms, break rooms, and a health and wellness center.