Alstom Balancing Facility and High Bays Renovation

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Alstom Power Turbomachines Group

Project Size:
388,570 sq ft high bays and 50,000 sq ft balancing facility

The Balance Facility project consisted of construction of a 50,000 sq ft facility to spin test and balance gas and steam turbine generators and rotors. The facility included a test chamber, balance machine house, and auxiliary building. The test chamber was constructed of five massive ring segments encased with nearly 2,000 tons of grade 75 rebar and cast in concrete. Over 10,000 cubic yards of 5,000 psi self-consolidating concrete containing corrugated steel fibers were used in the test chamber.

The 388,570 sq ft Alstom High Bays project consisted of renovation to an existing steel structure; new mass concrete machine foundations; a 400,000 sq ft slab-on-grade; demolition of the existing roof; new thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofing and skylights; new mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems; and new metal siding. Brasfield & Gorrie self-performed all concrete work, which included 42,000 cubic yards of complex machine tool foundations designed to support 350 tons of equipment and material.