Cultivating growth

December 31, 2023

How does an oak tree represent Brasfield & Gorrie’s people and our culture? We believe every Brasfield & Gorrie employee, like an acorn, is full of potential. Our aim: to cultivate that potential. Rooted in our purpose, values, and the wisdom of our founders and nourished with support for personal and professional development, employees grow strong and branch out over time, spreading our culture far and wide. Over the years, we’ve grown from a small commercial and remodeling company to a general contractor that works in 14 market sectors, with 13 offices in eight states. These trees, like our company, are the product of generations of tradition.

Cultivating the future

Like these trees, we are constantly multiplying, developing new leaders who will carry on the future. With each new class of our Cultivate employee onboarding program, we harvest and begin to nurture white oak acorns in partnership with the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. At the class’s five-year reunion, they plant new oak trees in the community to represent our commitment to developing the next generation of the Brasfield & Gorrie family. For each planting, Brasfield & Gorrie partners with Birmingham organizations to determine the best location for our Cultivate trees.

Sustainable living

This initiative underscores how building exceptional people spills into building strong communities—two components of our purpose statement—and supports our commitment to sustainability. White oaks are native to Alabama, and because native species require fewer resources to thrive, they are considered a sustainable choice. These are also centennial oaks; we harvested acorns from trees that are more than a century old, with literally deep roots in our community. Just as we’ve selected plants that will thrive in our climate, Brasfield & Gorrie cultivates a culture that promotes employees’ long-term success and wellbeing.

Where can you find the trees?

Our partners

Logo of Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens highlighting a green floral design alongside the organization’s name in green textLogo of Cawaco RC&D Council, featuring a stylized sun over rolling hills and a river, with text listing the counties it serves.Logo of Cool Green Trees featuring a stylized green tree inside a circular arrow

Rows of young tree saplings in black nursery pots under a shaded greenhouse structure.