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Corporate Responsibility

Where construction meets compassion

We’re united by our company-wide responsibility to leave a lasting impact in the places we live, work, and build.

Person using a laptop displaying a webpage about construction workers with the headline

We rise together

We're working to build belonging and opportunity both inside and outside our company. Through it all, we're also committed to providing environmentally friendly solutions for our clients. Learn more about how we do things at Brasfield & Gorrie.

Two construction workers in hard hats and reflective vests share a laugh at a construction site, exemplifying the company's commitment to social responsibility.

Diversity and inclusion

We’re stronger together when we’re not all the same. Each of us is valued for the unique talents and perspectives we bring to the table, and we’re using these skills to make our company and our community even better.

Volunteers sorting and organizing toy donations in a community drive.

Dedication to service

We’re all in on improving communities for our families, neighbors, and generations to come. Whether we're volunteering or fundraising for local nonprofits, we’re working to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Expansive solar panel array basking in the sunlight with electrical conduits in the foreground.

Responsible building methods

We’re using practical, sustainable approaches to bring to life buildings that work in harmony with the world around them.

"We’re rooted in the belief that true progress begins with putting people first. That dedication goes beyond what we build to how we make a lasting, positive impact in our offices, industry, and the communities we serve. Whether we’re treating each other with respect, volunteering in our communities, or building sustainably, we’re always working toward a better tomorrow for our friends, loved ones, and neighbors.”

Natalie Kelly

VP of Corporate Responsibility