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Brasfield & Gorrie Seeks Small Businesses and MWBEs for Federal Projects

September 26, 2023

Three construction workers in high-visibility vests and hard hats at a federal project construction site.

Brasfield & Gorrie is committed to the support and development of local, small, minority-, and women-owned business enterprises. Brasfield & Gorrie’s EQUIP program offers these businesses access to educational workshops on industry best practices, as well as information on upcoming projects and networking opportunities. We believe that regular outreach, communication, and notifications of upcoming opportunities are highly effective in maximizing inclusion and growth of small business subcontractors within the communities that we build.

To stay current with information on upcoming federal opportunities for subcontractors and suppliers, be sure to prequalify with Brasfield & Gorrie.


Upcoming Federal Subcontracting Opportunities

Redstone Special Projects RMACC


  • MACC Task Orders
  • Huntsville MACC Multiple Task Orders: Academic Zone, National Security Center of Excellence, PPV & Site Infrastructure, Smart City

Under contract

  • Tech 2 & Tech 3 Buildings / Parking Garages




Under contract

  • Multiple Locations – Confidential



General Services Administration


  • Nationwide IDIQ Task Order(s) upcoming
  • GSA R7 IDIQ MAC Task Order(s) upcoming
  • Land Ports of Entry projects upcoming

Under contract

  • Wilmington USCH (North Carolina), Aberdeen USCH (Mississippi), Savannah USCH (Georgia), Huntsville USCH (Alabama), USCH Fort Lauderdale (Florida)


  • USCH McAllen (Texas), USCH Chattanooga (Tennessee); Brownsville Gateway LPOE (Texas), USAID (Washington, D.C.), FMCSA (Texas)





  • USACE Savannah MATOC Task Orders  
  • USACE Mobile MATOC(s)

Under contract

  • Wolf Creek Cryogenic (Nashville, Tennessee)


  • USDA Soil Dynamics Lab (Auburn, Alabama)
  • NASA MEF Facility, Redstone (Arsenal, Alabama)
  • Galveston Horizontal MATOC



US Coast Guard NMACC III


  • NMACC III Task Orders (TBD, nationwide)
  • STA/ANT Facilities Sector Buffalo, New York


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