Brasfield & Gorrie Pilots Construction Wearables on Active Jobsite

August 26, 2020

Imagine the possibilities if construction site supervisors had data to pinpoint worker locations as well as hands-free communication. How could that revolutionize task allocation, safety considerations and communication?

Technology could provide solutions, but new tools are only useful if they can stand up to the noise, heat and dust of the jobsite environment, and if contractors buy in to their value. To that end, AXA XL recently partnered with Samsung and Brasfield & Gorrie, one of the nation’s largest privately held construction firms, to pilot the Samsung Galaxy Watch in an active jobsite. Brasfield & Gorrie has piloted several construction-specific technologies and identified areas in which existing products can increase worker safety and report more accurately on productivity. By partnering with Samsung and AXA XL, Brasfield & Gorrie intends to identify and lead the next trends in construction technology.

The primary goal of the pilot was to test the watch in four categories: functionality, durability, data quality, and worker adherence. Learn more about the pilot and its outcomes in an article from AXA XL.