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Art Installations in New Courthouses Convey Civic Pride and Symbols of Justice

August 15, 2022

Spacious modern atrium with colorful art installations, featuring symbols of justice, and multiple levels.

Thanks to the GSA’s Art in Architecture program, federal buildings across the nation feature public art projects that uniquely reflect the surrounding communities.

In a recent U.S. Court’s article, three of our courthouses were featured:

  • San Antonio U.S. Courthouse in Texas features a mural and twin hanging sculptures by artist Thomas Glassford.
  • Charles R. Jonas Federal Building in Charlotte, North Carolina, features seven mosaic works by artist Ellen Driscoll.
  • Carroll A. Campbell Jr. U.S. Courthouse in Greenville, South Carolina, features ceramic tile and glass mosaics by artist Joyce Kozloff.

The article quotes U.S. District Judge Jeffrey J. Helmick, who chairs the Judicial Conference’s Space and Facilities Committee. He said, “At their best, public art projects at courthouses invite those who are passing by or through the courthouse to pause and reflect on that art. It may draw a smile or an angling of the head. The projects can reflect the history and flavor of the region. They can honor the identity of the community in a way to make its residents proud. And they can tie a federal building to the very local community in which it sits.”

Read the United States Courts’ article >

Below: Artwork displayed in the U.S. Courthouse San Antonio, Annex and Alteration of Charles R. Jonas U.S. Courthouse, and Carroll A. Campbell Jr. U.S. Courthouse

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