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Upper Coosa River Dams Aeration Project

When federal regulations required a dramatic improvement in water quality for fish and other aquatic species on the Coosa River, Brasfield & Gorrie was brought in to work on three separate facilities: Weiss Dam, Neely Henry Dam, and Logan Martin Dam. Each structure required different civil, structural, electrical, and mechanical scopes, but all shared the common goal of improving water quality by adding oxygen to the river through the aeration systems in the dams’ generating units.




ABC Alabama Excellence in Construction Award

National ABC Excellence in Construction Pyramid Award

"The most crucial part of the entire process was the ability of Brasfield & Gorrie to efficiently manage their own workforce, the subcontractors, and to communicate daily with the engineer and owner's representatives. From a safety standpoint, these types of projects are very concerning. Brasfield & Gorrie constantly and consistently made safety the number one priority from beginning to end."

Confidential Client, Upper Coosa River Dams Aeration Project