Equipping Others to Go Further Together

February 1, 2021

JonesGroup first stepped onto a Brasfield & Gorrie project in 2017 as a trade contractor performing metal framing, drywall installation and painting during renovation of our Birmingham, Alabama, headquarters. The company has maintained a relationship with Brasfield & Gorrie since, working on several other Brasfield & Gorrie projects in the Birmingham area. Our relationship entered a new phase when JonesGroup joined our EQUIP program when it launched in 2019.

EQUIP is dedicated to the development and inclusion of small, minority- and women-owned trade contractors. EQUIP started in Birmingham and Atlanta with workshops focused on estimating, safety, legal, Lean construction and other relevant topics. This month, it will expand to a virtual program that reaches across Brasfield & Gorrie’s footprint.

“Our goal is to share Brasfield & Gorrie’s 57 years of knowledge with our trade contractors, working with them to implement best practices in their own businesses,” said Brasfield & Gorrie Director of Corporate Responsibility Natalie Kelly. “We also hope the networking opportunities EQUIP provides will lead to the increased partnership between our company and minority business enterprise firms, like the successful relationship we’ve built with JonesGroup.”

Preparing for Progress

JonesGroup was well positioned for growth before they joined EQUIP. Brothers Tony and Ron Jones and Roxie Jones, who is Ron’s wife, established JonesGroup as a staffing company in 2010 and moved into construction soon after. JonesGroup identified and established building blocks expected of competitive companies.

Equipped for Excellence

Although JonesGroup had started working on Brasfield & Gorrie projects before EQUIP was established, the program has amplified the company’s growth. Training classes introduced JonesGroup and other participants to management and operational best practices, which they’ve implemented in their work. They’ve received guidance in preparing estimates before bidding on jobs and for planning a project’s schedule. JonesGroup has always prioritized safety, and the Brasfield & Gorrie safety training tools have enhanced the company’s day-to-day performance.

“Since 2017, we have become a stronger, more established business in a number of areas,” said Roxie Jones, the company’s contract administrator. JonesGroup previously relied on contract workers, but they now have 10 full-time employees—and they continue to grow. Key hires, including a dedicated foreman and sheetrock hanger and finisher, establish uniformity in leadership positions. The company has also increased its bonding capacity and acquired a larger credit line, which allow them to take on larger projects.

“EQUIP and Brasfield & Gorrie’s mentoring have positioned us to have an established workforce, acquire needed materials, meet payroll and purchase equipment,” Roxie said.

Reliable Relationships

Group of construction workers in high-visibility shirts with hard hats, equipped with the necessary tools, standing together inside a building under construction.

Relationships are an asset in any business, and EQUIP offers opportunity to build relationships through networking sessions. Those sessions include Brasfield & Gorrie leaders, but insights from our team weren’t JonesGroup’s only takeaway. The sessions introduced them to other local trade contractors, and JonesGroup has been able to see the benefits of these contacts on its own jobs.

“These connections give us a group of businesses that we can team with when bid opportunities arise,” Roxie said. “Knowing ahead of time who to contact and work with better prepares us to grow and allows us to consider jobs bigger than what we can handle alone.”

“EQUIP has touched every facet of our business and helped us become more competitive in the construction industry.”

Learn more about EQUIP, including how to register, by clicking here.