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Brasfield & Gorrie completes new Davidson headquarters

April 29, 2024

Five people posing in front of the Davidson headquarters, a gray commercial building.

On April 24, Davidson marked a significant milestone in their journey with the ribbon cutting ceremony for a new 46,000 sq. ft. corporate headquarters at Redstone Gateway in Huntsville, Alabama.

Davidson’s new headquarters symbolizes growth, innovation, and continued success. The move represents a significant milestone for the company and its employees.

The 46,000-square-foot facility includes nearly 6,000 feet of classified workspace.

“We’re grateful for another opportunity to collaborate with COPT Defense Properties, who we’ve worked with in Huntsville for more than a decade, and for our first project with Davidson Technologies. Davidson is an important contributor to the cybersecurity, AI and software development in Huntsville and beyond. They’re focused on better ways to do things, and we were able to use innovative construction methods, including tilt-up construction, to complete their headquarters.”

Sara Beth WilcoxBrasfield & Gorrie Vice President and Division Manager

Brasfield & Gorrie was the project’s general contractor.

Learn more in a press release from Davidson.

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