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Nashville, Tennessee

Brasfield & Gorrie knows Nashville. We’ve been consistently ranked as Nashville’s Top General Contractor by the Nashville Business Journal, and we’re honored to have built some of the most iconic buildings throughout the city, from Bridgestone Tower to Gulch Hub to The Joseph Nashville. Each of these projects not only shapes Nashville’s skyline but provides a catalyst for the local economy, drawing visitors, new residents, and businesses to the city.

Our relationships in this town run deep—from the clients and partners that have been with us since our beginning to the trade contractors and vendors who’ve worked alongside our teams. Together, we’ve helped transform Nashville from its small-town roots into the thriving city we know today.

Across the state of Tennessee, Brasfield & Gorrie has completed more than 360 projects totaling approximately $6 billion in value. Since we began working in Tennessee in the ’80s, we have remained consistent in our dedication to the growth and development of this state. This is our home, and we take tremendous pride in making it better. For us, building in Tennessee is an investment in our future.



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Nashville news

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A camera boom holds a laser scanner in open space on an interior construction site