Brasfield & Gorrie celebrates 60 years in business

June 27, 2024

A large crowd attends the Brasfield & Gorrie 60th anniversary party, an indoor event with blue lighting, illuminated stage, and decorative lighting effects on the walls. Various attendees are mingling and talking.

We’ve learned a lot since Miller Gorrie founded Brasfield & Gorrie in 1964, and we’re celebrating that growth as the company turns 60. About 3,000 employees and guests recently gathered in Brasfield & Gorrie’s hometown to celebrate our past, present and future.

During our 60 years in business, we’ve grown from a local contractor to a national firm. We’ve helped clients complete projects that transform communities and power economies. And despite our growth, we’ve maintained the identity and culture that set us apart―builders guided by the Golden Rule. We know it’s the people behind each project that matter most—and we’ve made it our life’s work to advance theirs.

“It’s rewarding to see all the things we’ve built, but I’m even more pleased by the impact we’ve made on people and communities while working hand-in-hand with our clients and partners. We’re stronger than we’ve ever been, and our future is bright. Our current, third generation of leadership is the most talented we’ve ever had, and there are a lot of lessons from our past that can fuel our future.”

CEO Jim Gorrie

Company-wide, our workforce has grown to more than 3,700 teammates. And though we’re headquartered in Birmingham, we’re building exceptional people, trusting relationships, great projects and strong communities nationwide. We’ve constructed projects in 39 states since our inception and currently have offices in 13 cities. We encourage our teams to give back to their communities both financially and with their time.

“We’re grateful to past generations of Brasfield & Gorrie employees for laying the foundation for our success. As long as we stay true to our values, we’re positioned for an incredible future. Founder Miller Gorrie’s story certainly shows what you can do with determination, grit, and a commitment to doing the right thing for our people and our clients. We’ve got all the ingredients in place to support big dreams. As amazing as the first 60 years have been, I think the best is yet to come.”

President Rob Blalock, part of the company’s third generation of leaders