Brasfield & Gorrie Observes Safety Week 2015

April 30, 2015

Birmingham, Ala. (April 30, 2015) – Brasfield & Gorrie today announced that the company is joining with other construction industry stakeholders in observing Safety Week 2015, an industry-wide initiative to help raise awareness of safety in the construction industry.

During the week of May 3-9, 2015, the company will host events and activities at its offices and jobsites to help raise awareness, share best practices, and continue developing a strong safety culture. Aimed at increasing employee engagement in safety efforts, Brasfield & Gorrie’s efforts will be focused around the theme, “You See It, You Own It, You Share It.” The campaign will emphasize the importance of safety not only in the field, but also in the office and at home.

slider-message-thumbnail_tagline_logos_SHARE“Safety Week 2015 is an opportunity for Brasfield & Gorrie to join with the entire construction industry to help raise awareness of the importance of safety in construction and to foster sharing of best practices and ideas,” said Brasfield & Gorrie Corporate Safety Director Troy Ogden. “Through our participation in Safety Week 2015, we aim to help build momentum around safety, our top corporate value, not just within our own organization, but in the industry as a whole.”

As part of the company’s observation of Safety Week 2015, Brasfield & Gorrie employees will participate in a variety of activities that elevate worker safety and health. Many of Brasfield & Gorrie’s 200 active jobsites across 21 states will hold training sessions, such as safety stand-down events and emergency action plan drills. Others will hold events designed to foster safety conversations, such as team safety walks and safety lunches. Many jobsites are also encouraging employees to post pictures to a safety display board demonstrating why they work safe.

In addition, all Brasfield & Gorrie employees will receive construction activity books to share with children, relatives, or friends. Designed to help promote safety awareness for the whole family, the books feature activities to help introduce safety to children and foster safety conversations.

For more information on Safety Week 2015, visit www.safetyweek2015.com.