Brasfield & Gorrie Observes Diversity and Inclusion Week 2016

October 13, 2016

Company aims to raise awareness as part of commitment to building strength through diversity and inclusion

Birmingham, Ala. (October 13, 2016) – Brasfield & Gorrie today announced that the company is observing its second annual Diversity and Inclusion Week October 17-21, 2016.

The company’s efforts will be driven by its diversity purpose statement: Brasfield & Gorrie is committed to building strength through diversity and inclusion in our company, people, partnerships, and communities.

As part of Brasfield & Gorrie’s observance, several of the company’s regional offices will host lunch and learn sessions featuring discussions facilitated by diversity and inclusion leaders.

The company will also share messages designed to raise awareness about the importance of diversity and inclusion within the construction industry as well as to continue reinforcing an inclusive culture.

“Our long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion began with our founders and spans beyond our own four walls to our partnerships and communities,” said Tracey Sibley, co-chair of Brasfield & Gorrie’s Diversity and Inclusion steering committee. “By observing Diversity and Inclusion Week, we aim to elevate the critical importance of diversity and inclusion within the construction industry and to spark meaningful dialogue on this important issue.”

In addition to building an inclusive culture, Brasfield & Gorrie’s diversity strategies include workforce recruitment, outreach to prospective vendors and suppliers, community partnerships, and leadership development. The company also supports the establishment of employee groups, such as its Women’s Operational Resource Group, to help attract, recruit and retain workers.

Brasfield & Gorrie’s efforts embody a proactive approach, addressing an opportunity to enhance diversity in the construction industry, which has traditionally struggled with low participation of women and minorities. Facing a looming labor shortage and a changing landscape, the industry’s ability to recruit and maintain a diverse workforce will be critical to moving the industry forward and ensuring its future sustainability.