Southland Tube, Inc.

Birmingham, Alabama

Southland Tube, Inc.

Project Size:
78,000 sq ft (Mill 4); 209,000 sq ft (Mill 5)


Mill 5 – ABC Excellence in Construction Merit Award

The 78,000 sq ft Mill 4 Expansion was a design-build project that included all site/facility planning, design phase activities, construction work, and process equipment coordination. Sixty-five percent of the work was self-performed.

The 209,000 sq ft Mill 5 Expansion included site/facility design and layout, land acquisition, design-build of the facility and rail work, and equipment procurement, layout, and installation. Mill 5 processes steel coils into steel tubing and pipe and houses the complete manufacturing process, from receiving raw materials to shipping finished product. The process equipment was designed, fabricated, and shipped by companies in countries worldwide, including Japan, Germany, Italy, and Canada. The facility consisted of several interconnected pre-engineered crane buildings containing manufacturing space, warehouse space, office areas, maintenance areas, and open-air coil storage. Nineteen overhead cranes ranging from 10 to 40 tons are located on the campus.