South Wastewater Treatment Plant Wet Weather Improvements

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

City of Baton Rouge/Parish of East Baton Rouge

This two-phase project will expand the existing plant to accommodate 205 million gallons per day (MGD) peak treatment flow and an additional 66 MGD excess flow to equalization storage. Phase I includes modifications to the existing gravity influent pump station to increase its peak capacity to 67 MGD and construction of a new force main raw wastewater and equalization pump station and four new equalization tanks. A new preliminary treatment facility will consist of six stand-alone 41 MGD treatment trains that will include drum screens, brushed screens, conveyors, vortex grit removal equipment, grit classifiers and concentrators, and several pumps. Phase II includes solids contact basins, a blower/electrical building, final settling tanks (FST), FST chemical systems, RSS/WSS pumping, scum pumping and handling, chlorine contact basins, a sodium hypochlorite addition system, an effluent pump station, pipeline and outfall, a 5 MGD nonpotable water pumping and distribution system, thickened primary sludge pumping, thickened sludge mixing tanks, control building, and a variety of modifications and site improvements.